Pick Your Own ripe red raspberries, the best way to get your berries, fresh from the bush for the entire season. Pick Your Own means exactly that. You wander amongst the raspberry rows picking the fruit that you want. We call it,

“the Cheapest way to get the Freshest fruit”

Autumn Season. Click here for more information
Summer Season. Click here for more information


Summer Season

This season commences in early December and continues until the end of January. The peak of the season occurs from late December to the middle of January

Autumn Season

The Autumn season produces a smaller crop than summer time but for a longer time, Autumn raspberries start in late March and continue until June with the best picking during April and May.

Once at Kinglake Raspberries enter the Pick Your Own shed and all will be revealed to you. We can supply you with a PYO Basket that holds about 1Kilogram of berries (That’s 7 Punnets, if you get them at your local greengrocer) and then direct you to one of the 6 blocks of Raspberries. We will even demonstrate how to pick if you’ve never done it before. Each block of Raspberries has between 3000 and 6000 metres of row so you should be able to find all the fruit you need. Please feel free to bring along your own container and if you have any questions the people at the shed will be happy to answer them for you.

What should I Bring?

Bring Mum, Dad, the Children, Grandma and Pop, Aunts and Uncles and anyone else you can think of. Sensible footwear, Hats and Sunscreen are also a good idea.

What If I don’t want to Pick?

Don’t worry, if you feel that picking is all too much, then you can choose from our selection of freshly picked raspberries (picked daily) at the shed. As well as fresh berries, Kinglake Raspberries also grow and produce a range of Australian Grown and Australian Made products. These include Frozen Raspberries, Silvanberries and Blueberries and of course there’s Homestyle raspberry jam, dessert sauces and raspberry vinegar.

What else can I do in Kinglake?

Kinglake is surrounded by one of Victoria’s largest national parks so you can always have a picnic after you have been picking but if that doesn’t appeal then stop off at the local pub or one of the restaurants for a meal. There are nurseries to wander through and craft shops to browse. On your way home why not go back to Melbourne via the Yarra Valley and visit one of the wineries stopping to sample some of the world class.

Pick your own raspberries

Pick your own raspberries