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Kinglake Raspberries Berry Preserves
"Taste the Fruit"


Each Season the finest Quality Berries are picked to give the succulent flavours in our range of Berry Preserves. Made in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range All our products contain More Fruit and less sugar, there are No preservatives, artificial colours or flavours

Raspberry products are made exclusively from "Willamette" Raspberries grown on the property. Blackberry products are made from "Silvanberries" the Prince of Blackberries.

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Berry Jams

More fruit and less sugar make our berry jams a fruity sensation, try them on crumpets or muffins for breakfast.
Raspberry (220 gm) | Blackberry (220 gm)
Triberry (a combination of Raspberry, Blackberry and Blueberry)
(220 gm)

Berry Sauces

Treat your tastebuds with our range of Berry Sauces poured over your favourite dessert. They make great milkshakes as well.

Raspberry (250 ml) Blackberry (250 ml)
Blueberry (250 ml)



Our cordials are true fruit cordials with no added water,
a truly refreshing drink. Each bottle when mixed will provide 3 litres of pure fruit juice cordial. They can also be poured over
ice-cream or used in milkshakes.

Raspberry (375 ml) Blackberry (375 ml)



Kinglake Raspberries fruit Vinegars are made with pure
fruit juice and white wine vinegar, there is no added water. A perfect addition to your favourite salad or marinade.

Raspberry (250 ml) Blackberry (250 ml)


Frozen Berries

Kinglake Raspberries also have a range of frozen berries for sale.

Great fruit for any time of the year.